Friday, March 18, 2011


A very pregnant heifer, which has nothing to do with this post, beyond the fact that she's a cow...and I find this picture funny.

You may have noticed we have some interesting language we use in agriculture.
At our place you might hear cows referred to as bags, bitty's, rips, and any number of other descriptive terms. Now that my siblings and I are a little older, the occasional 4-letter explicit is also used from time to time.
I have a theory, based partly (largely) on the personal experiences of my cousins, siblings and myself, as to how cows, and any number of other tangible items and creatures get called such odd things.
It all starts with couples having kids. Then the kid gets up to the age where it starts paying attention, and repeating. Then it gets to the point where it can speak clearly...this is always a great learning time for parents from what I've heard.
The mother is likely in the house, and in comes her smart, attentive, three-year old child. The mother asks what the child has been up to, and the response goes something like...
"Oh, just trying to get the bleepity bleep cow to let her bleeping calf suck. Dad said she was being a bleep bleepity bleep. Then his bleeping horse bucked him off, and now he's really bleepity mad."
At which point the mother would probably be caught off guard, and respond in some way, and hear...
"Well, I don't know. That bleeping cow is getting really bleeping irritating, and dad says that bleeping horse is gonna get it."
At which point the mom goes out, finds her bleeping husband, and get's the whole bleeping inappropriate language around the bleeping kids issue cleared up.
After that, with the exception of the occasional slip-up, cows are referred to as rips, bags and bittys when they cause irritation.
Or, the kids are given a talk by dad about what they should and should not tell mom in reference to language used in the barn....
Either way, it results in some humorous acronyms that tend to stick.


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