Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Cement Slab

(Photo by Double H's Momma)

This cement slab is located on my Uncle's place, and has been a serious learning curve for us since he purchased the land it's located on. To reach his corrals on this place, you either cross this slab or trail 2-3 miles around. Naturally a little extra time at the slab is easier than the several hours involved in going around. 
You also have to hit that gate with the high posts to get in or out of the little area containing the slab. It's a challenge for sure on some days. When gathering, it's through a gate and around a corner, then you funnel everything down across the creek, then up a hill and through another gate on the other side, which is thick with greasewood. It's been known to cause some sort of excitement on most trips across. We've trailed over it on days like the one above, and on days where water was running over the slab. We've had wrecks where cows and calves went back, and days where we spent several hours mothering after crossing this slab.
When my cousin saw this photo, he remarked that it looked like one big wreck to him. Sure makes a nice picture though : )

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  1. Would it be necessary to go around? I.e., could you otherwise just go through the stream here, or is it too deep or soft?