Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Summer in photos

In no particular order, here are a few photos of what we've been up to this summer. I hinted at several of these items a week ago, but now you can see what has been happening around here the last couple months.

The weather has been crazy. We are way above normal on average temperature, and number of days over 100 degrees here this summer. Plus, several nasty storms full of lightning, wind and black clouds have rolled over pretty regularly. But, one things these clouds don't have is much rain. For the month of June, average rainfall for Wyoming was .45 inches.

 Our house water pump quit working. Then the line airlocked. So, my dad rigged this system up to pump water back up the more than 2 miles of line to our storage tanks from our house.

 This photo was taken while getting the right shot to accompany one of several writing projects I had going on this summer. From new magazines to my regular work to multiple online projects, it's been fun and busy on the writing front lately!

This is Larry, who is one half of our new Hereford bull duo (the other is Moe) that are going to make us some black baldy calves : ) He has been hard at work.

A wind storm blew the tin off one side of our "new" trailer house. So, instead of finishing prjoects inside so my brother and I can move in, we had to concentrate on this. While move-in won't be for a while now, I am getting my office stuff moved in, which will be a huge help on my work end.

 Lots of time has been spent determining how to best manage our cattle on this very dry year. We've also been diligent in checking their water, grass and how they're holding their condition. We're very thankful that the grazing association where most of our mother cows are located is having a much better year than we are at home.

 We've fought fire, but not nearly as much as the folks east of us.

I watched my first litter of pigs be born, and are they CUTE or what?!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Those piggies are so tiny and cute!!! Is there a runty one? I love runts of any liter!

    1. No runt in this ltiter Dicky. But, all the gilts were noticably smaller than the barrows.

  2. Aww great shots! Love the one of moe and the pigs! My family used to raise hogs from farrow to finish - kinda miss them little pigs! My grandma always said there was nothing cuter than a baby pig and nothing uglier than a grown hog! Hahahaha

  3. Piglets! I'm convinced there is nothing that can't be solved by time spent with some newborn baby pigs :)

  4. Totally understand the drought situation and fire, prayers things start looking up for the folks going through that. We had been receiving rainfall, but here lately not much. Still time though, so we are hanging onto that.

    Love the pictures!

  5. LOVE your photos! You are a very talented photographer! Thanks for visiting my blog and your support! You've got a new follower in me! :)