Monday, December 3, 2012

How About that Election?

Yes, the presidential election. I realize it did happen a while ago, but seeing as how the impacts of it will likely last at least through my lifetime, and quite possible beyond, I feel as though it's worth that I've had time to think about it.
I maintained my puzzlement that has been in place the last four years throughout this election on how someone such as Barack Obama ever got the opportunity to run, much less be elected. Then, bam, he is elected again. Well crap. Not that Romney was a home run Republican candidate in my book, but then again I was one of those people of the opinion that just about any candidate would have been a better bet than our current president.
But, reality check, he is here to stay for the next four years, with his cabinet of cronies, vacation loving wife, lack of business experience, and socialist mindset.
I guess what has given me most pause since the election got over was the sheer impact this particular election had for our country in my opinion. It is the first time the American people have willingly gone with a socialistic candidate. I mean, the first time around they weren't sure how Obama would really pan out, but this time they knew all about his spread the wealth mentality, and they voted him in again. To me, this is a pivotal, conscientious turning point for us away from our roots of working for what is yours to the more socialist ideal of working toward the common good.
Oh goody.
What makes me think even more is the role my generation played in the election, how many of them there are and how long they will be voting. They truly cannot think beyond subjects such as him saying he will pay for their college education. Perhaps if they did they would realize that means they will have to pay for someone elses, with inflation, at some point in the future, and it will cost more than just paying for their own would have. They also do not think of the fact that small businesses foot the majority of America's bill - that's just how it is. And, if they're busy paying for your college education today, they will not be able to pay you a salary for a job tomorrow. I could go on, but you already are either cheering me on or calling me an idiot.
But, as with any time of great challenge and change, there is also great opportunity. I think this is particularly true for agriculture. Sure, there are going to be some big bumps for us, no doubt there. I've already heard speakers talk on the impact of not having a farm bill, the estate tax is a real killer (haha), the rules and regulations are astronomical and ridiculous and not slowing down, and the environmentalists are already gobbling up their insane portion of government money and our time.
But, all people, regardless of how they voted, will still have to eat.
Perhaps we could only send our food to those who voted our would be educational for them.
Anyway, back on track. As rough as it's going to get, and I am one who believes we haven't seen anything yet, I also believe our industry is in a unique position. We have a basket of goods and services that are necessary. We do not produce a want, we produce a need. Plus, we do an exceptional job of producing that need. To me, that is the best form of job security and something to capitalize on in the upcoming months and years.
So, while we are certainly in new and uncharted territory politically, in a negative way, ultimately God is still in control, and that is comforting. I can relate to those who are incredibly upset, and actually think it's a good thing that people have strong opinions about political events. That's much better than not caring in my opinion. I realize some go about it in ways most of us wouldn't, but hey, HSUS also goes about things like we wouldn't, and they get a lot of attention and backing.
The current political situation is certainly not ideal, and definitely a challenge, but I believe it is something we can handle as an long as it rains, which politicians don't control (thank goodness).  I also wonder if perhaps God wanted all the farmers, rancher and small business owners to pray more in the upcoming years.

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  1. I'm cheering! Great post, good points, yes, God is in control; if the politions believe it or not! Blessings from Wisconsin.