Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Boots

While in NM I worked for Joe's Boot Shop for exactly two days. I learned the difference between ostrich knee and thigh leather, how to stalk people and hover in that annoying way that creeps me out when I'm shopping, and that I have incredibly expensive taste in boots. I also like variety and could easily see myself wearing any number of pairs that I sold.

That being said I still can't choose just one pair. I want a new pair of simple, brown, square-toed boots. I have a fancy black pair and an everyday pair and that's just not enough. I am open to suggestions and at this moment am leaning towards a pair of leather soled Boullet's with dark purple tops. I couldn't find a picture to put on here for anyone reading, but in my search found a couple other choices.

The first pair is at the top of the blog because my patience ran out trying to move it down. They are by Dan Post and I'm not sure about them. They have that funky chunk of rubber in the middle of the sole and I don't like that. I do like the green tops though!

The beautiful Justin AQHA full quill boots are just sweet, but I already have a pair of black alligator boots I wear all the time. I'm lovin the black and red with the double white stitching! Next time perhaps.

Feel free to offer suggestions and ideas!


  1. I own those black AQHA boots and I love them. I have had them resoled twice now I wear them so much. Great boots.

  2. I love the green boots!! Nice!
    My last boots I bought are Ariat Dixie boots and I love them,the pair before were Ariat Legend

    Both are fantastic boots.