Friday, January 22, 2010


According to an article in Working Ranch Magazine PETA is targeting youth. They are using methods such music festivals celebrity endorsements. Their "Youth Activist Network" has over 380,000 subscribers. You probably already knew part or all of that.

here's the part I found interesting

There are currently 507,763 FFA members in America.

I hadn't ever though to compare the numbers like that and find them encouraging.

Working Ranch Magazine has several articles, including the one mentioned above, that stress the need for a louder, more unified voice for agriculture. I don't know about you but I find myself primarily surrounded by people who are agriculturalists and we are generally on the same page.

But, at the recent Wyoming Stock Growers/Wyoming Wool Growers Convention I heard the Hadricks speak. They have a concept of including agriculture and the benefits to society ag. has when introducing yourself to someone new. Their classic example is when you're on an elevator and someone asks who you are.

You can check out their blog at Advocates for Agriculture They are from western South Dakota and are wonderful speakers. Their blog also includes a lot of ag-related information.

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