Friday, June 11, 2010

A sneak peek ~Mr. and Mrs. Nelson~

You may or may not know I take wedding photos. My first summer wedding was last weekend. A college roommate and friend got married (they started dating when she and I lived together) It was a beautiful wedding held on the second floor of a historic building in Sheridan, complete with a wall of windows and padded benches down one wall. Photos were taken at a historic mansion and I was like a kid in a candy store.

We managed to dodge the two other wedding parties on scene (one for pictures and the other was holding their entire wedding/reception at the mansion) and got some great pictures. I've just started editing, and she would probably be embarrassed to see them all over the internet so I'm only sharing a couple (for now at least). A much larger selection will be available on my photography facebook page at the request of a bridesmaid.

I've only edited 20 photos of about 700 so far, which is why they are all in front of this old building and just of the bride or bride and groom.

My favorite things about the wedding include:
Her dress- and I apologize for only including a close up where I've blown out the dress. It was gorgeous!
Her desire to make pictures, fast and simple. We were done in and hour and a half and everyone cooperated and was great to work with!
Just seeing so many of the people again! There were several I hadn't seen in over a year. And in true style, the first thing the bride said was ,"Now Heather just tell me if I get a little b***** and I'll back off." as she laughs and climbs out of a little Honda car with her dress in her arms and proceeds to walk/skip down the sidewalk, still carrying yards of dress in her arms asking me how I've been and if I've hidden the groom (she wanted a quiet moment alone when he first saw her). I assured her she was anything but.
The laid back attitude- After pictures a bunch of us drank and visited at a groomsman's house prior to the ceremony.
The location- Sheridan is beautiful, the building where the ceremony is held was beautiful...a couple the groomsmen are pretty fun to look at also :) (just trying to give you some perspective)
The ceremony- Not too long, not too short, great scripture, serious but not stiffly so-very fitting of the couple.
The colors-Bright blue and dark brown. The groomsmen wore white shirts, bright blue vests and ties and suits that had very subtle stripes in two darker shades of brown (loved them!) Bridesmaids were in bright blue, knee length dresses.
The dance, and the other dance a friend and I crashed later....where there were more old friends, dancing and drinking into the wee hours of the morning.
Yay to wedding season!


  1. Damn you Heather and your beautiful outdoor wedding. I want one! Is 6 months too early to renew our vows so you can take more pretty photos?!

  2. i really like the way the sepia turned out on the first one.