Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Week

This was a busy week, full of springtime activities, including the following...

Spending time at my guy's place, lambing and just helping out and seeing him.

Tearing out an electric fence we're rebuilding to seperate our creek and improve our ability to utillize our grass on one part of our ranch. Hopefully there will be a more indepth post on that to come.

Two trips to pick up bulls - one to LaGrange, south of Torrington, and one to western South Dakota. We also branded and moved the bulls to their spring pasture, located behind a very hot electic fence.

The usual feeding and chores. I learned that this is Kyle's favorite calf, who he has turned into a true cake muncher, and who loves to be scratched daily.

Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Mother's Day!

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