Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Dynamic Duo

If you haven't met my dogs Emmie Lou and Pearl, you can read about each of them here.
It's been a while since I gave an update on my canine companions. They are digging being back home, and Emmie has especially come around from her stint in town (she was not a fan).

They've got their ears flipped back, hair matted with mud, grass and unmentionable materials, and have been right in the middle of all the spring and summer ranch work.

The grass is so tall in eastern Wyoming this year you can lose your toy Aussie in it, which Emmie thinks is a ball of fun.

So much fun that she will romp and jump through the grass, hiding and reappearing as Mister watches and tries to keep up.

Can't you just imagine her laughing at his inability to find her.

Off she goes again. This can go on all evening and keep them both entertained.

While branding, Pearl partook of the fresh rocky mountain oysters. Actually, overdosed would be a more accurate description.

Feeling the pain of too many oysters in a single sitting.

Trying to sleep it off...with no success.

Pearl also tried her act at making new friends, with my aunt, during branding this year. It was difficult for her, but I think my aunt crossed the bridge to non-demon (that's as close as non-family members get to being friends with Pearl) in Pearl's eyes.

Emmie supervised the building of the new corrals on our place.

She was also involved in the gathering of the yearling steers a couple times this spring. Pearl was off attempting to kill a bird, mouse or other rodent when I took this.

She had just finished killing several mice here, and considering her duties complete, settled in to guard the sunscreen (lay on that coat), also while we were fencing.


  1. aw, love all these dog photos! and congrats on your new site launch, I hope it's a wonderful success for you.

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