Sunday, October 2, 2011

Opening Weekend

Mule Deer hunting season started with bang, litereally, yesterday in Eastern Wyoming. Here's a glimpse into what our hunters see on a given year...

Rough terrain without many trees, except in the creek bottoms, is the norm around here. To hunt this country you need to walk it, and we always recommend hunters come with some good shoes. Weather is also very unpredictable. It's over 80 degrees here today, but it could just as easily be snowing this time of year.
We manage the number of hunters we take based on the year, and how our deer population is doing on that year. We aren't one of those outfits that takes 20-30 hunters every year. Rather, we take a smaller number of people, and that number changes based on the wildlife populations. Our goal is provide a high-end hunt, while also maintaining our wildlife populations for years on end.
The big deal with hunting is always the game. Here's what the deer around here are like.

Our weekend will be spend getting hunters set up to hopefully shoot a big deer like some of these are. Hope you're enjoying fall, and whatever fall activites you enjoy most!

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