Thursday, January 12, 2012

Top 2011 Posts

I'm maintaining at a week behind schedule on the blog so far this year. Here are the top posts by page views of 2011 for everyone to look back on again. If you're new to Double H Photography this year, welcome! These posts will give you a good idea of how things roll on here for the most part.

Based on the overwhelming presence of posts that explain what we do on our ranch, with photos to help tell the stories, I think I'll continue doing that as much as possible this year : )
Since I started my blog in  May of 2009, it has received the most views from people within the USA, with Canada and Germany coming in second and third, respectively. All tallied, 18,282 page views have occurred on Double H since it's beginning, with a huge increase in traffic in 2011.
Thank you to everyone for stopping by once, every day, or somewhere in between!

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