Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In moving home, I transitioned from having my own 980 square foot, 3 bedroom, 1 bath house with a garage, plus working in an office where all my work related "stuff" was comfortably housed, to my childhood bedroom, which is a fraction of the space.
It's been tight, cramped, flat out messy at times - okay, a lot of the time, and it drives me nuts.
Add to that my helpful mom and sister fold my clothes part of the time, then stack them on my desk, along with my mail, usually some of their mail, and about anything else of mine, and theirs on some days, that has traveled beyond my personal domain, and the situation is compounded, fast.
Did I mention that the "desk" I'm referring to is a plastic, fold-up table. One of the smaller ones that is a rectangle in shape. I didn't want to purchase a desk when I moved home, because I didn't know if it was a permanent or temporary situation, and I already owned a lot of furniture that has been moved about once a year for the last six years. I wasn't really wanting to add to the mess, so to speak.
I do have a "real" desk too, which is also in my room. This desk was built by my great-great grandfather, or uncle...I think. It was built by someone in my family several generations ago, I know that. It is very cool, solid wood, small, with very little storage. Not a huge help.
I've been in dire search of a solution, some improvement, just about anything. I started looking for a desk to purchase, since this whole freelancing thing is working out better than I ever imagined, and is definitely not "temporary."
Then, my wonderful boyfriend built me this desk for Christmas:

I picked out a stain, and we stained it together. Then I freaked out because it was BLACK with blonde highlights, and I was convinced I had ruined this beautiful piece of furniture. Now it has settled into a medium brown color that is much better. Big sigh of relief. I also asked that he trim down the antlers, as I will undoubtedly skewer myself on them if they're that long. He does good work!
This will definitely be a better, and much more beautiful, workspace for me than a plastic table. He has also told me he will build another piece of office furniture of my choosing to go along with this, so I have a set. I'm haggling for two pieces : )
Then, this week I bought bed risers. One half of my problem is I need file folder/paper storage, and that has previously been under my old desk. I looked like a hoarder.
With the bed risers my bed is waaay up there, but, there is room underneath it for the file folder storage boxes I use. Yesterday I moved them all from under the desk/on the floor in the open, to under the bed. I even had room for a lot of my photography stuff that isn't used every day, and various other things that have been adding to the messiness. I kept the files I use most and put them in a smaller organizer and left them under the desk, along with my huge photo printer.
So much better already, and I don't even have the desk at my house yet. That's part of what I've been dedicating my time to this week.

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