Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter house tour, Part 1

I love my little house, especially the inside! The past year has been spent furnishing it, and I thought I would provide a little update on it. This is partially because I'm running a little low on new ranch pictures, and partially to document how it looks over time.

Right now things are a little cramped in the living room due to my Christmas tree. This tree will not be living in my house next year, I plan to upgrade to a real tree that's more than 2' in diameter.
The windows on the wall are a work in progress. I personally think they would have looked better if I had gone all out and hung ribbon, or lights...or something around them. But I wanted to try filling the panes with wrapping paper for the holidays, so I can check that off the list now.

I bought my Charles Russell prints at the Charles Russell museum in MT, and had them custom framed at Hobby Lobby. I forgot to take a close-up, but love how they turned out. I would like to get a third one framed the same way to add to these two.
My leather rocking/reclining chair was a huge find for me too! I should mention I'm a big thrift store shopper, especially with furniture. A lot of my items came from such shops in Casper and Rapid City, including the black leather chair, windows, coffee tables, all the lamps and white shelf by couch.

This shelf came from Target.

Those are actually bright red Christmas balls hanging from my candle holders. I was using my little hand-held camera for this photo project. I also chose this one to give you an idea of what really goes on at my house (imagine fierce growling and a general ruckus to accompany the fighting dogs). Getting them in the picture was a complete accident.
Anyway, the black shelf was from another re-purposing shop in Casper, and my mom found the bench the TV is sitting on. All the wall hangings and the cross tree came from Hobby Lobby (there is reasoning behind asking for a Hobby Lobby gift card for Christmas)
I typically decorate under the bench for the season at hand, and had it filled with fall leaf garlands earlier in the year. I was a little late on my Christmas decor shopping this year, and will hopefully find something I like more to put under there next year. I like to not see any cords or the outlet when I'm done!

The desk is perfect for holding sunscreen, gloves and other odds and ends that you need as you head out the door. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not very happy with my tree, and am planning an upgrade for next year!
Should you ever visit, you will likely be greeted by a growling Pearl, standing right where she is here.

Those wire circle things came from Ross, surprisingly. The chair and ottoman I found at Big Lots, and I bought the couch in Rapid City.
When decorating, I'm the sort that waits until I find just what I want, then rarely move it once I've found the perfect spot for it. So it's this mentality that has resulted in random pieces of furniture and decor being picked up at so many different shops, towns and states.

My parents are not fans of the windows hanging on the wall, even without the wrapping paper.

The kitchen is one of my least favorite parts of the house. I still like it, but compared to everything else it ranks pretty low. While it has plenty of cupboard space, it is seriously lacking in counter space, and I like to cook and bake.

The door in the back leads to the garage, and is also the laundry/dog food area.

The table was found at a furniture store in Casper. The idea is to eventually put a glass door where the window is on the left, and build a deck in the back yard. Right now I have to go through the garage to get to my yard, and I'm pretty excited about the idea of having a deck off the eating area!

I thought about cleaning it off, but this gives a more realistic view of things, especially in recent weeks. There are two computers because my work laptop (the Mac) won't read CD's, so if I'm doing anything that involves a CD I have to resort to my personal Dell. I also usually have my personal computer on because it's where a lot of my pictures are stored, and I always seem to need something off it when I'm doing anything photo-related.
I love the picture, and found it in an ugly frame at guessed it...thrift store. I had it re-framed at Hobby Lobby, and am still looking for the perfect accompanying pieces for either side of it.

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