Monday, December 6, 2010

Windmills and such

I really didn't plan to have so many windmill photos in one post, but that's how it ended up, so here they are. I have lots of pictures to share, and am going to be very busy for the next few weeks, so there will be more of these quick photo posts to come!
Also, welcome if you're a new follower. I've noticed there are some new people and I appreciate you following!

Windmill #1- While home for thanksgiving I had to run my brother over to his semi, and while there saw this windmill head leaning against an old building.

The next post will probably be titled, "Cows and such," since this is the only cow photo in this group and I always seem to take more of those than anything else. The heifer on the right is #2, and my favorite one this year.

Taken in eastern Wyoming while checking a water tank.

Drove a back road part of the way home from Torrington following an interview, and stopped several times.

This would be the road.

Windmill #2

Another shot from Johnson County, of which there are more to come following another trip up there for interviews. Finally managed to be there on a day when it was snowing, which was great since all the photos are being used for our Winter Cattlemen's Edition.

Windmill #3

The black hills at sunset

Black hills again.

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