Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

I had a weekend brimming with activities planned, and the bad weather has put a halt to all of them. Originally I was considering going to the Bucking Ball in Gillette tonight, then heading to Cheyenne for Liz's bachelorette party. But, the entire state of Wyoming has slick roads, with some closures and several listed as no unnecessary travel. So I am at my parents tonight, settled in with milk and cookies, preparing to switch to whiskey and partake in a few games of cards. I'm thrilled to be spending more time with my family, but I'm also disappointed I am missing these events, especially Liz's party.

Here's what we did today, before settling in by the pellet stove. We fed more of our grass hay to our calves and yearling heifers.

All that snow on their backs means they are in good shape. The fat on their backs is insulating them against the cold snow, so it sits on their hair, and they stay warm internally. If they are thin, more of their body heat escapes, and melts the snow.

We tucked them in behind this hill, out of the wind.

Then we chopped more ice. It was about zero here this morning. Those railroad ties on the ground prevent the cattle from dragging all the dirt away from the tank.

Now our calves can eat, drink, and be merry as they ring in the new year!

Then we did the same thing for our yearling heifers.

After completing all the outdoor chores, my parents drove into Lusk for a funeral. Holly and I baked cookies and a cherry crisp this afternoon. My brother just left, without much heads up, for the Bucking Ball (I might have gone with him had I known), and the rest of us are sitting around staying warm.
Hope you all have a fun and happy introduction to 2011!

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