Friday, December 31, 2010

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I am very surprised, and happily so, that my blog received 458 views in December. I really appreciate everyone who reads my stories and looks at my pictures on here. I have met and emailed a few of you that I didn't know previously, and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you!

In case you were wondering, the most viewed blog post to date is:
Preg Checking

Number two is:
Going to the Forest

The vast majority of the people reading this are from the United States. But I've had people from Croatia, Brazil, all over Europe, Canada, and a few other places. Hello to you all : )

As we enter 2011 I want to let everyone know I'm open to suggestions, ideas, questions and comments. If there's something I've covered you want to know more about, or didn't understand fully, let me know and I'll be happy to go more in depth.

If you have a general question about agriculture, food, cattle, or anything else you think I might know about ( if I don't, I'll look into it, or find someone who does for you to visit with), email or comment me and we'll figure it out.

Whether you do, or don't, know about agriculture and have a topic you think should be covered on here, let me know about those too, and I'll add them into the mix.

The purpose of this blog remains the same - to show the true story of agriculture, and provide accurate information on ranching and agriculture from the perspective of someone who lives it.

Of course there will be a little personal information mixed in from time to time to keep things interesting and help explain why I'm going here or doing this, and to show you there are a few things that hold my interest outside the world of raising cattle.

It's a wonderful life and I am very blessed! I look forward to sharing more of it with you in 2011!

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