Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Calves...and Buffalo

Here are some more photos for you to browse through.

Feeding calves is one of my favorite activities. It's incredible to watch them grow and change, and yearlings are just fun to be around.

It's rewarding to get them all eating, and to see them start to really gain and grow.

It's fun choosing favorites, which we all do, then comparing our favorites and teasing each other about why they could possibly like "that one," or why it took the other so long to notice number so and so.

On a completely different note, one of our neighbors raises buffalo.

And they were all in the middle of the road one evening when I was on my way home.

I couldn't pass that opportunity up. Apparently our neighbor feeds them in a Dodge, because I had all of them gathered by the time I was done taking pictures. It was an ideal photo op!

The view from the same road at sunset. Sometimes it takes me a long time to get from point A to point B, due to all the stopping in the road to take pictures.

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