Friday, February 25, 2011

A family Affair

Our operation, like so many other ranches and farms, is family run. The family element is what makes the vast majority operations across America work. Factory farms don't exist where I'm from, and the reality is that almost every farm and ranch in America is family owned and operated.
Here is my family this past weekend. As you can see, despite the frigid temperatures, we enjoyed our time spent together working our cattle. Our work is our fun, and we feel incredibly blessed to be able to say that!

It's also great that my family has fully embraced the idea behind "Heather's blog," and will randomly grab my camera a take a couple pictures when they have a few seconds.

When we have the vet out for something, or go somewhere else, and as I'm taking pictures here and there, it's pretty common to overhear one of my family members explaining my behavior.
It usually goes something like, "Yeah, Heather has this blog, where she explains what we really do out here, to combat all the misinformation out there about agriculture...Well, I'm not sure how a blog works either...but she uses a lot of pictures and tells about's pretty neat...yeah, I don't keep up with all this technology either.... she has people from all over the
world read the thing."
You have to love family!

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  1. Hey Heather, it's Liz! I've been absolutely loving your blog this summer! See, 4 years ago, when I discovered The Pioneer Woman, I went clear back to the beginning of her archives. I finally worked my way to present day a couple months ago, then started going through blog withdrawals. Then I realized I never followed you very consistently, so I did the same thing and went back to the beginning of your posts.

    I love reading about your amazing family, your ranch and your perspectives! I loved the posts about caring for livestock v. raising them for meat, as well as the posts about the love ranchers have for this life. I enjoyed reading about your mom advocating for Holly in the schools, because that's how my mom was for my little brother who is autistic. I so enjoyed the time I got to spend with your family, and it's great to "see them again" through your blog.

    Look forward to reading more! Hope you're enjoying SD!