Sunday, February 13, 2011

Three States in Two Weeks

It's been a busy, travel filled few weeks for me, and if my posts have seemed a little sporadic, its due largely to my ever-changing schedule.
Since the first of the year I've been to Denver on two separate occasions - once for the NWSS, and once for the NCBA Convention and Trade Show. I've also been to two bull sales, and a number of meetings, conventions and other gatherings around the state.
After being south of Torrington once earlier in the week, and prior to heading for Denver the second time last week, I drove to Torrington again for Torrington Livestock's Customer Appreciation Day. Then I headed south, and was in Denver from Tuesday night through Saturday morning. I drove back to Casper Saturday, and fortunately the roads were great until Douglas. I slept 13 hours Saturday night and stopped by Christy's for her Superbowl Party briefly on Sunday.
This week I headed west to Riverton for the Fremont County Farm and Ranch Days on Wednesday morning, and drove back to Casper that evening. Thursday I rode to Veteran (near Torrington) for another bull sale, then went back to Casper that evening.
Friday I got to work early, then left work early and drove to my parents.
Saturday morning my dad and I drove to Newcastle, Sundance, Aladdin, Belle Fourche, South Dakota, and finally to north of Sturgis where we looked through Blair Brothers bulls and bought our quota for the year.
Then we met my mom in Lead, and Holly and I drove home and my parents stayed for their Valentines date.
This morning Holly and I fed, and right now we are waiting for our pizza to cook for lunch.
This afternoon I have to drive back to Casper.
Tomorrow morning I head to Cheyenne for the Farm Bureau Legislative Meeting, and might be staying the night to cover the Interim Ag Committee Meeting on Tuesday. I still have no idea if I'm attending this in an effort to get articles for the paper, or if I am just representing the Roundup. I also wish this trip had been planned a little better - it would have saved me quite a few miles if I had been able to go straight from my parent's house to Cheyenne in the morning. But, despite some last minute changes, it should all come together without any issues.
Next weekend, and for several following, I will be back home. But, other then that I'm hoping the traveling slows down for a couple weeks. I really like attending different meetings and conventions, but am starting to wear down. I don't have time to wear down too much, with a guaranteed busy March looming in a couple weeks, so I'm hoping my work calendar stays as open as it is right now for the upcoming weeks!
One great thing about all the things I've attended is the vast amount of information I've been exposed to, and the great people I've met. Friday evening I caught my parents up on the latest trends, issues, concerns and outlooks I've heard at all these events. Saturday my dad and I had lots of time to discuss some of them more in-depth as we covered the miles.
Despite all the positive aspects of my travels, this weekend has been a much needed stop between work trips to see my family and cattle, and to get out of town - for a few hours at least.

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