Friday, February 18, 2011

More than Insurance

I spent Monday and Tuesday of this week in Cheyenne for the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (WFB) Legislative meeting and the Young Farmers and Ranchers Legislative Session, held in conjunction.
The Federation side of Farm Bureau is separate from Farm Bureau Insurance. While they are the same company, the insurance side is - big surprise - insurance. The Federation side is one of the oldest and largest voices for farmers and ranchers in the country. A grassroots approach keeps power at the local level, but a large membership provides a voice locally, state-wide, nationally and internationally. Members vote on policy and legislation and local meetings, and that vote is carried to state and national lobbyists within the organization. In addition to lobbying for ag-related legislation, Farm Bureau also does educational and volunteering activities across the nation.
My family has a long-standing history of involvement in the organization, and I plan to continue that involvement. I believe strongly in what the organizations stands for and the policies it's based on.
If you're interested in joining an organization that provides a big voice for agriculture, this a great one. The Young Farmers and Ranchers arm of the Farm Bureau Federation is designed specifically for 18-34 year-olds, and if you have Farm Bureau insurance, you're already a member of the federation. Being a member allows you to vote on policy and issues the organization is involved with on the political front.
If you're not a person with an ag-background that's fine too. Volunteer, educational, travel and political opportunities are available to all members.

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