Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chasing Birds

My dogs are cheap entertainment. One prime example of this is Pearl's obsession with chasing birds. She is all about it, regardless of weather, geographical or physical obstacles.

See the little elusive buggers out in front of her?
This is a regular site at our house, and accompanied by vigorous barking. Last summer my mom said she could always tell where my dad was spraying weeds, because Pearl went with him and spent the entire time barking and chasing birds.

You will see her go streaking across the yard, first one way, then the other.

After each burst of chase, she will pause, and listen for where the sneaky birds are located.

Then off she goes again, full force.

Kyle says it's like watching a slinky stretch and contract.

If the birds are perched up high, on the tractor or in a tree, Pearl will perch on her hind legs and bark at them.

It's a very serious thing for her.

Emmie isn't as dedicated to bird chasing...

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