Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Road Awards

I drive a lot, and have found some drives to be better, rougher, longer, shorter and worse than others. Lately the majority of my driving has been within the state, and certain drives just deserve special recognition.

Longest Drive: Casper to Shoshoni, hands down. Feels like 5 hours to me every time I make that trip. Runner up for me is Wheatland to Cheyenne, that part seems to take forever. I often wonder if it has something to do with the signs every 10 miles showing your progress. And by the time I reach Chugwater I feel like I should be there.

Worst construction: Lusk? Cheyenne during Frontier Days every year? Highway 85? It's bad in a lot of places.

Prettiest Drive: Spearfish Canyon. Not exactly in Wyoming, but close enough. Anywhere in the northeast corner. Or from Buffalo over the mountain.

Worst winter road conditions: I-80 from Laramie to Cheyenne

Worst wind: Wheatland, especially from Wheatland to Sybille canyon

Scariest drivers: Riverton or Gillette

Best drivers: Cheyenne, you may disagree

Best road: Lingle to Lusk, you can really cruise

Best cut across: They're not even on the map I have, but there's a great one from Gillette down to Midwest and another that takes you from Lance Creek to Gillette/Moorcroft.

Worst, "Oh please don't let me slide off the road right here!!" spot: Dropping into Lander or going down the canyon into Thermopolis.

Hardest town to get around in: Casper!!

Easiest town to get around in: Cheyenne

Best Wildlife: The little back roads out of Buffalo and Sheridan

Worst parking: Laramie! It also gets narrowest main street

Most convenient through town route with a horse trailer: Douglas

Town you DON'T want to speed through: Guernsey, Lingle

Best place to speed: Hartville to Manville (they're not on the map either)

Best pull-up roadside coffee hut :) Either the little red hut one in Laramie or the one at Mule Creek Junction. I don't like the one in Upton, but my dad does. I think this is because I base my opinion on coffee flavor, while he bases his on how good looking the workers are...

Feel free to add your opinions, I'm sure I missed some

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  1. Ha! Everyone should post a highway review of where they live. It would make it easier to navigate the roads! :)