Monday, April 19, 2010

Horse Edition Preview

Last week was busy! Trip to Laramie Wednesday for a sage grouse meeting (you will hear my opinion on that at some point). Another trip Friday for interviews and photos for our upcoming horse edition. Saturday included more interviews in Casper and Sunday I went to church, walked the dogs, cleaned my truck and watched "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past." Today I am glad to be at my desk (well, as happy as I can be at a desk), half asleep, but content to not be driving anywhere.

So, what was I taking pictures of? Here is a brief preview, to see more you will simply have to get your hands on a copy of the upcoming Roundup Horse Edition.

Is he not the cutest little thing?! He was quite the poser and a little ham all day.

This one was much more laid back than the previous colt. But still a cutie and fun to photograph.

A yearling filly that is Peptoboonsmal (sp?) bred. She has the most beautiful head on her. All these horses belong to a family being feature in the horse edition.

To get these pictures I was fortunate enough to drive to one of my favorite parts of the state. To get there you take the D Road north out of Moorcroft and just keep going for 60 or so miles on a dirt road. This is heaven in my world and it was a gorgeous day and I didn't want to leave. Naturally, I had to stop and grab a few cow photos on my way home to delay leaving the wonderful, quiet paradise (plus the 6:00pm light was wonderful!)

There are wide-open spaces, thousands of head of black cattle scattered on big, rolling hills, with the Missouri Buttes and Devils Tower as a backdrop to the south and east.

Grass, cows, dirt roads, sunshine and only a slight breeze, ahh...

It was great, I'm ready to go back now :) Forget what I said about being happy sitting today, I was lying, mainly to myself, in an attempt to make sitting inside easier.


  1. Hey, let's talk about using some of your pics for the NGC site! Did you take that image of the ram (below)? Also I could use some good horse shots..... Love these!

  2. B-e-autiful! I especially love those last two through the fenceline. Great work!