Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time for a Closeup

While home I took pictures, of course. A few hundred to be more precise. There are more to come. Beyond my dogs antics I snapped several close-ups, here are a few.
Number 86 is one of the newly purchased bulls. He has a massive Ribeye area that I'm excited about.
I have really enjoyed backgrounding our calves this year. They make great photo subjects too!
Here's my usual, newspaper taught, levels, curves, done version...
And here it is with a little PW photo actions incorporated. Yes, I am addicted too!
Of course I had to snap the dogs, Emmie wasn't overly impressed and wrinkled her nose and set her ears back at me. At least I don't think her nose is off to the side like that...
Pearl prefers to just stare in a stand-off-ish manner when she doesn't want her picture taken, or whenever anything isn't just as she would like it to be. It's part of her, ah...charm, we'll say.
I just liked this one
There's always someone who will do anything to get out of being in the picture!

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