Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This past weekend was another fun one, with the exception that almost everyone I work with was getting sick and the dreaded stuff has officially captured me today after teasing me with mild headaches and a sore throat for days.
Friday night was the Matched Bronc Riding. Don't ever go. It was dumb. Enough said.
The only highlight was that my date brought some Crown in a flask (happy sigh) which enabled me to endure the entire "show."
Saturday night was Baxter Black. He more than made up for the disappointing Friday. I was reduced to laughing so hard I cried a couple times. Do go. It was great!
This was followed by an appearance at the Beacon because it was two people's birthday. Met up with my Friday night date again and stayed out too late dancing and visiting (Perhaps this is why I am sick).
He seems nice, we'll see.
Now it is Tuesday. I have already forgot my mortgage payment, left my coffee maker on "steam" for 24 hours and delt with an overly annoying bank employee from NM who repeatedly told me I needed to just "stop in." Not going to happen. My "check engine" light keeps coming on in my truck and while I am almost certain I have a sensor going out, I would love to know for sure. The guy I asked about it offered to check it out in his shop and change my oil too, but it hasn't happened yet. He is the one and same Friday night date, so I don't want to be pushy but it really is bothering me.
I'm planning a rebound for the second half of the week filled with wonderful things. These will include but aren't limited to; lunch with my parents, a trip to Thermopolis for meetings Thursday and my first bull picture session Sunday. We also have another big paper with a "B" section this week that will keep us on our toes.
I will also clean my house, change my own oil if it hasn't happened by the weekend, and finish my taxes (the most dreaded event of my year).
On the more useful side of things, Belle of the Blog does a great job of explaining the problem people in agriculture have with Mary Kay's partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) on her blog. Check it out!
HSUS simply hides behind a face of caring. In all actuality less than half of 1% of their budget goes toward helping animals. Please don't confuse them with your local humane society, they are completely different. HSUS spends the majority of their budget on salaries and their primary goal is to end animal agriculture. Learn more about the real face of HSUS here.

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