Friday, March 12, 2010


I love coffee!! Not the strong, black variety, oh no, I am much more particular than that. I am a fan of the latte and have been for years.

Since it's Friday, I figured a caffeine inspired post would be appropriate!

A lady that owns a coffee shop told me she estimates her cost per cup at .20-.50 cents and she charges over $3.00 per latte. That statement was followed by my shocked and horrified face as the amount of money I have squandered on this addiction flashed through my brain, cup by wonderful cup.

So I make my own. I have an espresso machine, coffee bean grinder (whole bean is in a completely different, much better league than ground) flavoring syrups and other random stuff to support my now guilt-free habit.

Ahh, if you're ever in Casper I will be happy to make you one.

If you can't make it to my house, my absolute favorite brand name is illy. If you see that anywhere, it will be good, and expensive (go figure that I like the most expensive kind)

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