Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mary Kay

Mary Kay has quickly responded to claims stating the company was supporting an HSUS fundraiser. The following is their response to the concerns being expressed.
Some fans of Mary Kay® products and independent beauty consultants have expressed concerns over a recent sponsorship of a Dallas-area event. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We have heard you and want to clarify any confusion.

First and foremost,
Mary Kay is not a sponsor of this event. Mary Kay’s owner’s wife was approached to make a personal contribution towards a local event here in Dallas sponsored by the Dallas chapter of the Humane Society. This event specifically supports efforts to stop puppy mills and the organization’s stop puppy mills campaign. Out of caring and compassion for addressing puppy mills, our owner’s wife agreed to make a personal contribution. Mary Kay has contacted the Humane Society to clarify that we are not sponsors of this event and the company logo is being removed from the website.

As a company, we sincerely apologize for any confusion or causing any offense to members of the Mary Kay community.
Some are claiming that people should back off a little before making claims against companies such as Mary Kay and encourage people to do more research. Seeing the HSUS logo on the side of Mary Kay bag didn't require a lot of connecting the dots for me, and in my opinion it is the responsibility of a company to watch their image. What is portrayed to the public is what the public will believe, as we in agriculture know all too well. Is it always correct, no, but this is a good lesson regarding perception as reality.
I personally think the public handled it well. I read several well-written letters expressing concern over the alleged partnership and these obviously brought the problem to Mary Kays attention, which they fixed.
I am thrilled the find out Mary Kay is working with a local humane shelter. Hopefully more companies become aware of the deceptive nature of HSUS as a result of this.

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