Friday, March 19, 2010

WBCIA Edition

Well here it is, our first of two back-to-back bull test editions. It's 28 pages long, which is BIG for us! I'm putting it on here because all the photos except the black cow and calf are mine and I really liked what the layout lady did with them.

Christy seems stressed about next weeks paper, which causes me to do the whole, "Christy's stressed, maybe I should be stressed, ok now I'm stressed too!?" thing.

I'm sure it will be fine. Christy doesn't know it yet, but I had a lot of practice winging it as an Animal Science major and am more than willing to use everything I learned during that time to make sure we have something to publish next week.

And I pray a lot.

I'm also pretty excited about my articles for next week, maybe that's why I am being so positive about it. I get to cover the growsafe feeding systems the Midland bull test is using to measure individual feed efficiency in bulls. I'm also doing an article on the history of cattle feeding in Wyoming and another on the results of growing heifers in different ways. The most exciting to me is about using a synchronization program on heifers, then turning bulls in with them instead of AIing. I know you can't wait to read more, lol.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the first day of Spring!

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  1. Hey there lady!!! I work for a ranch holding a bull sale down here in Encampment.....if you are looking for any article ideas, we have some unique things! It is April 24th and the 23rd is our horse preview.....might be interesting for some people to know about the 9th largest cattle producer that is in WY, CO, and NM....... give me a shout if you think you could use this idea!!!