Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The House, part 1

Here is the first round of pictures from my new house. Bedroom photos will be coming after I get the rest of the drapes hung and the wrinkles fall out of them :)
This is my dining room. I LOVE my table! It has two drop leaves and can comfortably seat 4 when they're up. You will notice there isn't much on they walls yet except here. I want to add two long, narrow mirrors on either side of my Charles M. Russell print!
The kitchen, easily my least favorite room in the house. But it works and I've found that I'm never home long enough to cook an amazing meal anyway, so the lack of counter space isn't as big of a deal as I thought it would be. In the back is the door to the attached garage (possibly my favorite part!) and the laundry room.
The floors sold me, they are really pretty in person. The paint color was great too, I'm happy with it. I need a prettier trash can though, lol.
The living room. I am thinking about switching the two chairs so I can curl up in my paisley chair and watch tv. Also thinking a big mirror would look cool above the couch. I'm open to ideas!
The two tables are some of my favorite finds. There isn't a light in the living room, which drives me nuts, so for now I have a beautiful brass lamp my mother donated to the cause.

Temporary tv stand and the rug was included in the house. I haven't found one I like yet (tv stand or rug) The tv was the best deal to date and it's great! I have some ceramic crosses in different colors I'm thinking about hanging above the tv. Again the walls are still really bare.
Hallway. To give you an idea of how the house goes I'm standing by the paisley chair in the living room. The closest doorknob on the right is a little pantry, then my bedroom and a guest bedroom. On the left is the bathroom and the small guest bedroom/office.

The white shelf was included in the house and is the only way I could make the bathroom work. It stores a lot of crap! Love the mirror and sink and all the bright white trim everywhere.

More will be coming


  1. Yay! You posted pictures and I love them! I <3 your paisley chair. I'm jealous.

  2. Heather, your home is beautiful! I hope to see it soon! I am glad you finally got these up....but I want to see the bedrooms soon!

    P.S I am so happy for you!