Friday, March 26, 2010

My weekend forecast

My weekend has been planned for a while and includes putting on a 45 minute (?!?!?) photography presentation to an unknown number of 8-17 year old 4-h kids in Douglas Saturday morning, then continuing on home to pour calves and hang out with the family. I was cool with this because:
A) There is rarely anything happening in Casper and after a few recent amazing weekends I'm sure the cool quota has been filled for a while.
B) The guy (or whatever you want to call him, this is just how I distinguish him on here) is gone this weekend. He's also sick.
C) There are new calves to photograph at home.
D)I offered to pick up some cabinetry for the parents and deliver it.
E)I will already be an hour closer to home after driving to Douglas for the photography workshop.

Then this happens:
A) Megan from Life of and Accidental Rhinestone Cowgirl is flying to Wyoming for the weekend and invites to Cheyenne to see her and some other fabulous girls.
B)Another good friend invites me to the Leachman/CSU bull sale in Fort Collins during the day Saturday in Fort Collins.
C)It would be wonderful fun to spent the day in Fort Collins and the evening/night in Cheyenne.
D)Christy and friends are also going out tonight in Casper.

But I cannot imagine speaking to children for 45 minutes hung over, and my mother has called repeatedly to make sure I'm actually coming (I think she really wants her cabinets and the opportunity to grill me about the guy). She has even implemented her dirtiest trick, which is having my sister ask me.

All I have to say is there had better be some really cute calves and those darn kids better love my presentation

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