Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here's to best friends!

Tonight I am expecting a phone call from my best friend :) :) I have several amazing friends, but this girl and I just get each other. We don't talk much, don't ask me why, we just don't. We're both busy and that results in catching up every few months.

But when we do finally get ahold of each other and both of us have time to talk it typically results in 2-3 hours of conversation full of tears, laughter, stories, advice, questions,'s wonderful.

We cover boys, shoes, work, travel, families and misc, usually in that order. She loves shoes. We can each tell the other all the hilarious, weird, maddening and discouraging guy-related stories and receive honest advice from the other. I can trust her and throw everything out there to be studied and solved and she does the same.

We met at a recruitment day for Laramie County Community College, in Cheyenne. I was there with my dad and she was there with her parents. We ended up at a table together and immediately hit it off.

Both of us thought about requesting the other for a roommate, but she couldn't remember my first name and I couldn't remember her last name. So our first year I ended up living with a pair of wild childs who were frankly annoying and immature. Her fate was worse, she ended up with a girl from California who went through the entire basketball team (you know what I mean) and showered bi-weekly. She left hair all over the bathroom and it was questionable what kind of hair it was. We both still have a bit of a hair issue after seeing that.

Our second year of college we got that taken care of and roomed together. It was roommate bliss for both of us after our eye-opening first year experiences. We were the only two girls to survive Mr. Pulse at LCCC. By complete accident we dressed alike at least a couple days a week, despite making efforts not to after a while. She's a fitness buff and just through making an effort to keep up with her (which I didn't, the girl runs marathons, I run errands) I ended up in the best shape of my life.

After community college she headed south to finish school and I ended up at Laramie. I was so discouraged by UW that she almost convinced me to transfer after the first year. But in order to be done in as little time as possible I stayed put.

Since our two years of college together we have communicated primarily by phone, with a handful of visits thrown in. These visits almost always involve shopping, a meal, and ice cream or coffee! We would love to own a combination photo, coffee, gourmet chocolate shop someday, and we would be awesome at that! She comes from a great family and so do I and our morals and beliefs are very similar.

So here's to best friends, may each of you be blessed to such amazing friends as I have!

And here's to our conversation tonight, I am definitely in need of guy and life advice!

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