Monday, March 29, 2010

One windy day

The wind is howling today. Weather guy is saying 60 mph gusts, I actually think he got it pretty close!

My weekend was great. To fill you in on my life I have actually downloaded some photos from my fun little Canon Powershot
It looked like snow Friday night, so instead of our usual walk I threw balls for the dogs in the back yard. Speaking of my yard, there is stuff growing in it besides the expected grass!! I'm guessing this is rhubarb?And tulips?! I'm waiting to rake the leaves because I think they are insulating the plants every night. I did start raking the rest of the lawn Friday, it really needed it!
This is why my dogs are allowed on the furniture after they "ask." I cannot resist this face and we were all cuddled on the couch Friday night. Saturday morning I put on a 45 minute photography workshop for 4-H kids in Douglas. Then headed to Fort Collins for a bulls sale and to catch up with my friend. We had a blast!
I didn't get a buyers number to ensure I wouldn't bid on anything. Good thing cause I was definitely tempted by a few! My friend, another girl, and myself all had on great boots. The lighter pair are Anderson Beans and mine are to the left and are Justins, not sure about the other girls. I also had to throw out these beautiful flowers this weekend. Our boss got everyone in the office some and they were sooo pretty and smelled sooo good I took them home and kept them as long as I could.

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