Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's only Tuesday

I love my job some days, and some days I grumble at the mere mention of the Roundup.

This week I love my job. I'm not sure why; it's been crazy, stressful and demanding with multiple deadlines, people that won't call back and a couple sleepless nights (I don't sleep well and am sure there will be a blog dedicated to this annoying problem someday).

But, I have written three articles on topics I am personally very interested in, and I've visited with several knowledgeable people about each topic. I got the latest low-down on the Growsafe system, which measures individual animal feed efficiency and is pretty cool. Definitely cutting edge technology, and to think they use it in a feedlot, very neat.Then there is the article on replacement heifer development. Definitely some good, practical stuff to consider. Probably not anything people didn't already know as far as options go, but some of the research findings put things in a new light. This is my sister's heifer in the photo and she loves her cows, all of which sport a yellow tag with her name on it.
The third article covers synchronizing heifers or cows then turning a bull in instead of AIing. Love this idea, planning to use it on our place this spring and now I know the guy to call with any questions. Took me forever to write and I finally finished last night at 7:00pm because I kept reading all the information instead of getting the article finished.
It's only Tuesday, who knows what I'll learn by the end of the week. If you have any article ideas or questions regarding anything ag-related, let me know. I really enjoy finding information and possible answers, and I get to write about this stuff which is usually fun too.

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